In-House Diagnostics

We're equipped to perform a number of diagnostic tests.

When your pet is ill, you want answers fast.

With our in-house diagnostic laboratory that offers testing for pets in the Jonesboro, Stockbridge, and Riverdale areas, you can count on rapid results at Jonesboro Animal Hospital. Our well-stocked in-house laboratory is full of the most advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure our Jonesboro veterinarians answers about your pet’s health status as quickly as possible. While we still use outside laboratories for unusual and specialized testing, we can perform many tests in-house, saving you time and money.


Our In-House Diagnostic Tests

Here at Jonesboro Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer a variety of in-house diagnostic tests for our patients. With such a wide range of diagnostic testing equipment, we can rapidly discover the source of your pet’s illness or simply monitor their changing health as they age.

Our in-house diagnostic tests include:

•  Complete blood count

•  Blood chemistry profiles

•  Blood glucose level

•  Urinalysis

•  Fecal exam

•  Infectious disease testing

•  Heartworm disease testing

•  Skin, ear, and mass cytology

•  Digital X-rays

•  Digital dental X-rays

No matter what diagnostic testing your best friend needs to discover the cause of their illness, we have the tools to form a diagnosis and begin prompt treatment.

In-House Diagnostic Testing in Jonesboro

If your pet needs rapid diagnostic testing in the Jonesboro, Stockbridge, and Riverdale areas, the vets at Jonesboro Animal Hospital have you covered. With our fully stocked in-house diagnostic laboratory, we offer a variety of tests designed to grant speedy results, whether your fur baby is ill or simply requires baseline diagnostic testing to monitor their health. To learn more about our testing options or to schedule your pet’s appointment, please contact us.

In-House Diagnostic Testing in Jonesboro