Laser Therapy

Heal your pet with alternative treatment.

For some pets, medications simply don’t work as well as we hope.

Other pets have organ dysfunctions that do not allow them to take medications for their aches and pains as they age. In these instances, our Jonesboro veterinarians turn to alternative treatments to help heal your pet and alleviate their pain. Here at Jonesboro Animal Hospital, we are delighted to offer a simple, effective, drug-free, surgery-free, and pain-free treatment modality—laser therapy.

Laser therapy allows us to help treat many pets who cannot take medications, and to help heal pets after an injury, infection, or surgery. Please call us to see what laser therapy can do for your furry pal.

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Learn About Laser Therapy Uses in Pets

We are proud to offer Apollo laser therapy to the Jonesboro, Stockbridge, and Riverdale pet communities. There are many uses for laser therapy in veterinary medicine, as this unique treatment modality reduces inflammation and pain, speeds healing, and improves nerve function.

Some of the ways our vets use our Apollo laser to help care for our precious patients include:

•  Wounds and fractures

•  Arthritis

•  Hot spots

•  Lick granulomas

•  Slow and non-healing wounds

•  Degenerative and acute disc disease

•  Soft tissue injuries, sprains, and strains

•  Surgical incision healing

•  Neuropathy and myelopathy

•  Myofascial pain and trigger points

•  Slow-healing or non-healing fractures

Pet Laser Therapy in Jonesboro

If your pet needs laser therapy in the Jonesboro, Stockbridge, or Riverdale areas, contact the team at Jonesboro Animal Hospital. Laser therapy can make a significant difference in your furry pal’s health in just a few treatments. Please call us to see if laser therapy can help your pet become pain-free and heal faster, or to schedule an appointment.

Pet Laser Therapy in Jonesboro