Emergency & Urgent Care

We’re here for you when you need us most.

When your precious pet experiences an injury or illness, you don’t want to wait for treatment or head to a far-away emergency veterinary hospital.

Trust in the experienced and compassionate team at Jonesboro Animal Hospital to tend to your best friend during any emergency situation and get them back to full health and in your arms again. Our Jonesboro veterinarians provide emergency and urgent care services during our regular business hours and would be more than happy to fit your pet into our schedule when they need our help.

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Situations that Require Emergency Care in Pets

Although every sneeze and sniffle from your precious fur baby may cause you concern, not all issues constitute an emergency that requires urgent care. However, if your beloved companion is experiencing any of the following conditions, contact our hospital immediately:

•  Excessive vomiting or diarrhea

•  Uncontrollable bleeding from a wound

•  Bleeding from the nose, mouth, rectum, coughing up blood, or blood in the urine

•  Seizures

•  Limping or lameness that has not resolved with rest

•  Broken bones

•  Allergic reactions to vaccines or insects

•  Toxin exposure or poisoning

•  Difficulty breathing

•  Painful or inability to urinate or defecate

•  Eye injuries

•  Heatstroke

•  Frostbite

•  Refusal to drink for more than 24 hours

If you’re unsure your pet is experiencing an emergency that requires urgent care, please call us. We will triage your pet’s condition over the phone and offer advice as to whether your pet requires immediate care or if it can wait. These are our directions to our ER clinic for after-hour use: SAVES 770-460-8166, 1090 Highway 54 East, Fayetteville, GA 30214.

Pet Emergency and Urgent Care in Jonesboro

If your pet requires an emergency vet or urgent care services in the Jonesboro, Stockbridge, or Riverdale areas, turn to the team at Jonesboro Animal Hospital. When every second counts in an emergency, you can count on our highly skilled and talented team. Please call us if your cherished companion requires urgent care during normal business hours.

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